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Success in business requires that all the parts; your operations, administrative functions and financial management; must be in sync.

If this is not your experience, let us work together to get the wheels spinning on the way to your entire success.

Financial Consulting

In business, you have to know your numbers. They tell a story about your business, one that you need to continuously re-write as you progress over the years.

Gain a better understanding of your performance and how to use this information for your benefit.

Dream Big

Your limits are where you set them.

And yes, there are challenges beyond your control, but this is your dream.

The future of your business is our top priority.

Let us help you chart the way forward in excellence, setting attainable and achievable goals.

As a Kingdom-minded Business

Every encounter with our clients carries a singular goal, that is to turn your Dream into a lasting Legacy. Du Soleil is a French phrase which, in English means, ‘Of The Sun’, reflective of the enlightenment we hope to bring to you and your business.

Du Soleil Legacy Consultants

was created to be a source of continuous practical support and direction for entrepreneurs, both new and existing, in the business environment.

We Work With

both individuals and legal entities, towards building resilient and high functioning operations.

Leadership Empowerment

is our goal, as strong leaders leave lasting legacies.

Lenore Ramirez Bartholomew

Lenore Ramirez Bartholomew

Founder/CEO DSLC

Lenore is a Chartered Banker with 28 years of experience in the financial sector. She holds an MBA specializing in Business Finance and is the Founder and CEO of Du Soleil Legacy Consultants. Her years of professional experience allow her to give back to society as a volunteer with Career Confidence, a Christ-centered organization engaged in helping professionals become more marketable job applicants. Her heart for empowering women experiencing domestic abuse is expressed in her volunteer role with Heroines Not Victims. As a G100 State Chair of the Trinidad and Tobago chapter, Lenore has even greater opportunity to positively impact the lives of many.

She is also an avid health and wellness advocate and proudly represents the Ardysslife Nutritional and Reshaping Company.

‘Turning Dreams into Legacies’ is not only the tagline of Du Soleil Legacy Consultants. It is also the expression of what Lenore brings to each client that engages the business. She has a passion for empowering leaders who in turn build stong businesses and lasting legacies.

Karen Martin

Karen Martin

COO / Admin DSLC

Karen is a registered social service worker and comes with over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector working in areas of Volunteer Management, Human Resources, Training, Grief/ Bereavement, Crisis Management, Mental health and Addictions. She believes that the key to success is valuing all people, and is committed to empowering, informing, supporting, and facilitating practices that honour these values.

She enjoys consulting on new initiatives and projects when the opportunity arises and has created many partnerships through networking. Her servant leadership style, organizational skills and an eye for detail makes her an asset to Du Soleil Legacy Consultants.


Turning Dreamers into Leaders that build and leave behind a lasting Legacy.


Du Soleil Legacy Consultants will work with entrepreneurs, providing the operational and administrative support and direction where needed. Leadership empowerment will be our focal point as we believe strong leaders build strong businesses and teams, leaving great legacies. Our clients will gain clarity for the present operation and their future endeavours. Our services are offered to persons and teams at all levels of business experience.


‘Each of you must examine your own actions. Then you can be proud of your own accomplishments without comparing yourself to others. Assume your own responsibility’
Galatians 6:4-5 GW

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