So as stories go this one is gold.

Let me start by saying that I’m a planner. I pay attention to details and timing and don’t get me started on follow through and feedback. Nothing is done until it is done and over analyzed.

October 9th, 2021 was the day that I was planning for. I did everything I knew how to; planning my online meetings and booking guests and sending out social media ads and invitation emails. Double checking and triple checking. I knew the turnout would not be in the hundreds…that’s actually a joke….it would be very small indeed. But I felt deep down inside that this was going to go well because all the signs were there. You see, I speak to God all the time and I pretty much know when He’s for a thing, give or take a few things. And this felt right.

I was right. The meeting was solid. Absolutely beautiful. And Holy Spirit orchestrated the melodies of conversation, which concluded with a crescendo of encores.

Now I am ready to share the content with the world. Everyone deserves to be part of this conversation; to glean from the bountiful harvest of shared experiences and pearls of wisdom.

But I can’t fulfill my plans because the recording failed. I watched the file be converted and saved and I checked for its location and when I was ready to share via the website; it just did not work.

It took me an entire 24 hrs to come to terms with this fact. Needless to say I’m devastated and I probably won’t stop trying to recover the content….ever.

Does this incident speak to my skills as a business consultant? No. What this does is illustrate the very conversation on October 9th 2021; that:

1. Stuff happens and perfection is not a thing in business
2. Failure in one area does not speak to your ability in another
3. Starting from nothing gives you one direction to follow – up
4. Errors enlighten your path for the future
5. A good conversation reaches the heart and plants a thought which can grow into a beautiful idea and produce the
gift of a lifetime memory.

Thanks to my guests Denise Ledi of and Marcus Mycoo of Mafas Limited
We must have a do-over and its just what we have been asking for right?

See you all in November.

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