Du Soleil has been in creation mode for over 40 years. Its my dream that has taken form and has become tangible. I’ve always wanted to have my own space, and in that space I can rally others to help me save the world! One person at a time. To restore dignity to human life.

I see the disenfranchised as babies in their mothers’ arms, innocent and pure, clean and whole, full of the potential that God buried as a seed in the earth. I cry when I see that potential scattered, tattered and torn, unloved. Where is the family, the loved ones, the friends that you made along the way? Who left you feeling less than, and poured venom into you so vile that the streets are a luxury to your body? Where is your God?

Some would say that your choices brought you to the streets and left you there…maybe; maybe not. What my heart tells me is that you are more than this. What my experience has taught me is grace.

My story, what I’m willing to share with you, is my why. This Du Soleil Chat Session entitled ‘Holes In The Floorboards’ tells a bit of it.

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