I am still finding my way in life. I don’t know everything and never will; but I will know enough to do what I need to do in this life. I will keep asking questions and the one question that seems to always pop-up is ‘why are you doing what you’re doing?’.

These days it’s very popular to ask, ‘what is your why?’ Its trending. But purpose has always been eagerly sought after from biblical days to present. Our souls have longed for reason of being and the endless search has plagued our lives constantly.

Naturally, this has spilled over into the business world and it seems to have taken over. So I join the fracas as we now plan to engage in the said discussion of whys and purpose and all these ‘emotionally intelligent’ subjects.
Maybe it will make sense, maybe it will add value, maybe we will find answers. November 20th 2021, is the date, 3:00pm is the time. Zoom and Soleil RR Facebook page is the place.

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