Where are you on your journey to purpose?

Have you figured out your why? Is it really something you can figure out?

Well, we try; at least I do…and so do many other people. I had the pleasure of speaking with a few of them and I am guessing we are all still on that journey.

One thing is certain, we all have purpose or we would not be here; and in this circle, we acknowledge that God has deposited in us all, everything we need to achieve that purpose. We are full of potential and ability to pour out. The value of our efforts are enhanced by God’s multiplicative power.

But we must act (works) and believe (faith) that we can with God. Everything to be accomplished on the earth is to be achieved through us. (Eph 3:9-15).

This is not a sermon nor a religious service. This is a belief system, where principles, when applied as directed, work to bring about purpose with intent to bless outside of ourselves. The principles work for anyone once you apply them.

Enjoy the Chat. Click on the link to watch. My Why = My Purpose

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