Women across the world are taking up the challenge of entrepreneurship, some willingly and some out of absolute necessity.

Have you seen the movie #Fatuma on #Netflix ? I gave up some of my time and spent it in front of a movie that was, in my opinion, well worth it. The myriad of issues addressed in this production will give us endless topics for discussion. However, the one I want to bring to light today is the power of the collective. What stood out for me was the group of women who knew what their collective power could do for the one woman in need.
Not to give away the plot to anyone who wants to watch it… and trust me, you do… the emphasis on the power of the collective is so pertinent to our real-life everyday experiences in 2022 that I felt it necessary to draw a few parallels.

The ‘collective’ I refer to is a group of female entrepreneurs who operated in the same industry in a small town. The vision of the leader was obvious, to empower women in her circle. If a new entrant was being considered, there was the gracious reminder to the existing members of the value of the new entrant and their own status when they first approached for support. The lesson: remember where we came from and focus on where we can be together.
Though they were natural competitors, the focus was on the bargaining power over the market as a united body. They were able to command top price and highest volume as a whole; the corporative effect was strong and efficient in this portrayal.

And of course, the plot twist would occur, or the movie would be a documentary. So, at some point the family of one of the women tried to undercut her for personal gain and succeeded to a point. However, here comes the power of the collective again. These women, knowing their legal rights and their market, were able to recover some of the losses suffered by their business colleague, effectively returning to her the ability to provide for her dependants and continue production for a future positive ROI aka hope.

These women were amazing!! They not only showed up for each other, but they showed the way forward for their daughters, nieces, granddaughters (yes, all ages were involved), sisters and mothers. They were the hope they wanted to see in the future.

My question today is, why can’t we be the same in real-life. We can create the perfect reproduction but when it comes to putting it into action, we fail miserably. And can I say that I am also guilty…let me be transparent here, its because I fear the one person who will speak out against me in my circle, more than I trust the ten who will support me. So, like the leader of the corporative, I am choosing to be the light, I am looking for women who want to help other women. Bring your skill to the table and let’s support each other. I’m not saying that we give our services for free. What we have has value. But let’s network in small groups. There’s enough room for us in this world.

Yes, I know this has been done before, but are you part of those other groups that charge you to be part of their network, where the qualifying criteria immediately excludes you? Let’s do a new thing. Let’s pool our resources and avail of each other’s talents and do collectively powerful things.

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